You’ve come to the right place. 

Actor’s Angle is a boutique workshop service which connects actors to casting directors, independent film directors, and producers.

We treat our actors as they deserve: like the discerning professionals they are. If you’re already at this site, you’ve made the right choice.   

  • We give you a calltime. 

You’re a professional. Your time is incredibly valuable. Instead of making you carve out two to three hours for a workshop, we give you a time slot to appear to workshop your scene, one on one, in front of the casting director. The most valuable part of the workshop is your time alone with the CD—and that’s what you show up for. Not an endless Q&A. 

  •  We keep you informed. 

Because there’s no Q&A, you will receive an email from us that gives you written and recorded information of what you need to know about the CD: what they’re working on, how to keep in touch with them, how they run their sessions, and other pertinent information. This not only saves you time, but it gives you an electronic copy of information you need to know to refer back to and keep on file.

  • We allow you to choose your own prepared scene.

You know your strengths as an actor. You know the roles you go out for. You pick the scene; it's your workshop.

  • We give you a chance to rehearse.

You’re an actor. Rehearsal is in the job description. We give you a chance to go over your scene with your reader before your scheduled time slot.

  • We tape your scene and give you a private link of your performance.

You know there’s an endless amount to be learned via the simple act of watching your own performance.

  • We offer you face time.

You have the opportunity for eventual reader or session runner time to increase your interaction with industry professionals. 

  •  And we believe in you.






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